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Self-Care: Not just a Luxury

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Self-care doesn’t have to cost money, be attractive or worth over-sharing with the world. It’s about learning what makes you content and cherish the life you’ve dealt. Most importantly, self-care is when you permit yourself to be the person you’ve always wanted and are, therefore, meant to be.

For starters, we should be willing to embrace our problems. When we encourage ourselves to do more self-care, or self-love, in our life, we’re simply taking control of our choices and how to spend our time. It is not about running away from our problems but embracing them.

A self-care routine should be kept. It needn't be complex; it can be exactly how we want it to be. If it means ordering a pizza and watching a rom-com, then we should do it. If it means taking 5 mins out of the day to be away from the busy world, then we should do it. If it means running a bath with a bath bomb, then we should do it.

Whatever it is, we should do it, focusing on the fact that we take the time for ourselves. After all, self-care is about giving attention to ourselves and our needs.

"Self - Care is giving the world the BEST of you. Instead of what is left of you." ~ Katie Reed

For example, starting our day off with a small morning yoga session is one of the best workouts for our brain and mind. It’s a calming and relaxing way to ensure that our day heads in the right direction, whilst attending to our self-care needs at the same time!

Self-care is just about being ourselves, taking care of ourselves, and living the life that we want to live, with long-term wellbeing the main key.

Who cares what others think? If it makes us happy, then we should go for it. We need to meet our own needs before being able to help others seek theirs. We have to write our own life the way we want them to be read in the years to come.

As discussed above, self-care shouldn't be expensive or elaborate. Self-care is a priority and a necessity–NOT a luxury.

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